Fire Walking

FireFire Walking has been practised in various cultures for thousands of years. The earliest known reference of which was in India at around 1200 BC. Originally used as a test of individual will and strength and a rite of passage, healing or initiation, firewalking has been adopted by the corporate world as a team and confidence building exercise.

Employees spend a very large amount of time with their colleagues which is why ensuring that they understand each other and work together in they best way they can is paramount to a successful team and business. The effect and transformation that happens for teams through the process of firewalking, and the knowledge that goes with learning the purpose behind it, can be incredible. It creates a better understanding of all team members, their strengths, and where they need to be supported. This allows for a far more productive, happy and enthusiastic work environment. It allows the team to get to know each other on a level they may not have been able to reach before. Communication improves, creativity flows, ideas are heard, improvements are made in all areas.

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